Common problems during installations can be found here. Before asking for help please review these entries first.

If what you are looking for is not here, feel free to join our help channel on Discord! Please note that this will be updated as time goes on and more and more issues are presented. If you feel like you have a good idea for a contribution send it our way and we'll add it!

If Your Are to Contact Reinx Support Please Provide The Following:

- Current Firmware

- Reinx Version

- SD Card Format (Exfat/Fat32)

- The last thing you did or actions that lead to the incident. (Specify if it is first time setup please!)

Common Issues

My switch won't boot ReiNX 3.0 after following the instructions!

AutoRCM or chainloading via Hekate is REQUIRED to use this version of ReiNX.

My switch won't turn on after updating to ReiNX 2.4 on firmware < 7.x!

A switch with a firmware < 7.x is unable to use 2.4. Try using 2.3 to update your firmware to <7.x (not past 9.0 as for now) and then update to ReiNX 2.4 and try again.

Note: Proper update procedure for firmware and ReiNX can be found on our Post Installation Page.

My screen is stuck at patching the OS / I am getting error: package2 magic invalid! 

You may get this error when attempting to boot an older version of ReiNX with newer firmware. In order to resolve this issue, simply update to the latest ReiNX.

Note: Make sure you have ReiNX.bin on your SD card, and be sure to update it as well as inject the same ReiNX.bin as the one your sd card. 

(Do not use a Reinx.bin from a different build.)

On 7.0.x I am stuck in a bootloop of just seeing ReiNX and sept / I just see a black screen

Please update to at least ReiNX v2.1.1 or higher to resolve this issue.

Homebrew Menu (hbmenu) isn't loading when I open Album

In order for the Album to load the Homebrew Menu, it requires the following:

  • hbmenu.nro must be in your root directory of your SD card.
  • hbl.nsp must be in the ReiNX folder.
    • Alternatively for legacy format Homebrew Loader (hbloader) users, 010000000000100D folder needs to be in the ReiNX/titles/ folder.

Assuming both files are present in the correct locations, the Album will successfully launch the Homebrew Menu.

If the Homebrew Menu still does not load, it may mean your SD card is formatted as exFAT however the Switch does not have the exFAT update.

If this is the case you can do one of the following:

  • Recommended: Format SD card as FAT32, replace files and try again.
  • Install the exFAT system update on your Switch.

Note: For Windows users, you will need the third party utility GUI Format in order to format large SD cards to FAT32.

I can't open the Album when holding the 'R' button, it just opens the Homebrew Menu

As of now hbl.nsp does support the 'R' button functionality as of the last commit on 2.1 (March 21st 2019). Verify that you are not using the Legacy method and the hbl.nsp is in the correct location and latest version is in use, legacy method is no longer manditory for album access.

Note: Legacy method is now fully optional, you can find more information on the Step 2 - Download and Install page if you wish to use it.

I am on exFAT and I keep having misc. issues

exFAT is prone to corruption, and can cause ReiNX to fail to boot, games to no longer play, homebrew to stop working, etc. We highly recommend formatting your SD card to FAT32.

Note: For Windows users, you will need the third party utility GUI Format in order to format large SD cards to FAT32.

I received an error code from Tinfoil when trying to install an .nsp file

If you are seeing an error code while trying to install an .nsp file with Tinfoil, please refer to Tinfoil error codes section of the following GBAtemp thread.

If your error is not covered there or it still does not resolve your issue, feel free to ask for help in our Discord server linked in the footer.

iPatched Switch

iPatched Switches first started appearing in the wild around June of 2018. The only difference between them and older Switches is that they have patched the hardware based bootom exploit in RCM Mode that all current CFWs rely on. These consoles can still enter RCM Mode, however you will not be able to inject a payload.

How can I tell if my Switch is an iPatched unit?

Looking at the serial number and starting version of the switch can give you a good idea. If your serial number is higher than the listed ones here, there is a good chance your Switch is an iPatched unit.

Versions 4.0.1


Versions 4.1.0





If you wish to test for sure if you have an iPatched unit, you will need to push a payload using TegraRCMSmash's command line utility here. If you have the GUI version, it is already included.

  1. Ensure that ReiNX.bin and tegrarcmsmash.exe are in the same folder.
  2. While holding Shift, right click in an empty space in File Explorer and you should see one of the following options:
    • "Open Command Prompt Here"
    • "Open PowerShell Here"
  3. Choose either Command Prompt or PowerShell, and input the following command:
    .\TegraRcmSmash.exe -w ReiNX.bin
  4. If it outputs "Smashed the stack with a 0x0000 byte SETUP request!" then the Switch is an iPatched unit.

Archive Bit

Observed Issue

  • Homebrew Menu doesn't show anything.
  • Files or folders just show as 0byte files.
  • Other misc issues where the Switch cannot read a file.

This is somewhat common issue caused by the implementation of Nintendo's filesystem drivers. If a file has the archive attribute enabled (the archive bit), then Horizon OS (Switch OS) will be unable to read it. Fixing it is fairly straightforward, and there are multiple ways to do so.

It is also important to note that modifying the Nintendo folder in any regard will likely cause your games to no longer work requiring you to have to reinstall them.


  1. Plug your SD card into your computer.
  2. Highlight all folders except the Nintendo folder.
  3. Right click and uncheck the Archive option.
    • Alternatively on older versions of Windows, right click and navigate to Properties > Advanced and uncheck it there instead.


  1. Plug your SD card into your computer.
  2. Open Terminal.
  3. Execute the following command on each file / folder in your root directory excluding the Nintendo folder:
    sudo chflags -R arch /Volumes/[name of SD card]/[name of file or folder]

Hekate Bootloader

  1. Inject the Hekate bootloader payload.
  2. Navigate to Tools...
  3. Navigate to and select Unset archive bit (all sd files)
    • This may take a while doing it this method