Step 3 - Post-Installation

Now that you have ReiNX up and running, we will cover what you can do with it, and other recommended steps to take before you dive too deep into homebrew.

Using ReiNX

Homebrew Usage

  • Place any homebrew applications (.nro format) that you would like to use into the /switch/ folder on your SD Card.
  • By default, you will be able to launch the Homebrew Menu by opening the album.
    • If you would like to access the Album normally, hold down the R button while opening it.
  • You can also open up the Homebrew Menu in application mode, by holding down the R button while launching any game, this allows homebrew applications to utilize more ram, this is required for some homebrew applications.
  • Once in the Homebrew Menu, you may launch any homebrew applications you have installed.
  • To close most homebrew, you can use the + or B buttons. Some homebrew requires you hit the Home Button however.

Warning exFAT Users: Be sure to safely exit out of any homebrew application using the above method before hitting the Home Button, otherwise you may cause corruption of your SD Card.

Change Homebrew Menu (hbmenu) Theme

  1. Plug your SD Card into your PC, or otherwise access the SD Card.
  2. Navigate to config/themes.
  3. Copy any theme cfg files to this folder, or otherwise modify existing ones to fit your liking.
  4. To apply your theme, open hbmenu and press the Minus ( - ) button to open the theme menu and select a theme.

Booting from an Alternate or "Recovery" Payload

Current "Recovery" functionality has not yet been finalized in ReiNX, however you can still take advantage of one of its features in the meantime allowing you to chainload any payload you would like via the ReiNX payload itself.

  1. Plug your SD Card into your PC, or otherwise access the SD Card.
  2. Navigate to the ReiNX folder.
  3. Copy over your alternative payload of choice to the ReiNX folder eg. memloader.bin, hekate_ctcaer_x.x.bin, etc.
  4. Rename the payload to recovery.bin
  5. Reboot the console and inject the ReiNX.bin payload while holding Vol+ on your Switch.
  6. You should have successfully chainloaded the recovery.bin payload.

Title Installers

Title Managers

Simply booting into CFW is not enough to run any game, you must first install them to your Switch through the use of a Title Manager. A title manager, similar to FBI on the 3DS, allows you to install any Switch game backups (.nsp/.nsz/.xci/.xcz format) of your choosing. All games will appear on your home screen as normal, but will only work while in CFW. 

  • Tinfoil - by Blawar is the primary title manager of ReiNX. It has full support as well as many unique features exclusive to ReiNX.
    • Installation is as simple as dragging and dropping the folder given to you by downloading tinfoil-latest.
    • Allows for USB/network installation, which is essentially mandatory if you are running a FAT32 SD Card. 

If Tinfoil isn't your thing there are plenty of other title managers that can be used in its stead, such as:

Updating ReiNX

Manually Updating ReiNX

The following steps assume you have an existing installation of ReiNX on your SD card and are not starting from scratch. If you are starting from scratch, please refer to the Step 2 - Download and Install page.

  1. Navigate to the Downloads dropdown in the menubar, and click on Stable (Recommended).
  2. Click the Download button on the latest release on that page.
  3. Delete the old ReiNX folder on your SD card.
    • Advanced Users: If you have manually added anything to the titles folder or have custom sysmodules, be sure to make a copy of those before you delete them.
  4. Delete the old sept folder on your SD card if applicable.
  5. Delete the old ReiNX.bin file from the root of your SD card if applicable.
  6. Copy over the new ReiNX folder to the root of your SD card.
  7. Copy over the new sept folder to the root of your SD card.
  8. Copy over the ReiNX.bin payload, and also save it to your PC (or other payload injector of choice).
  9. Congratulations! You should be successfully updated. Inject the new payload like normal.

Updating / Downgrading Firmware

We recommend the latest compatible firmware when running ReiNX. You can find the latest information on compatible firmware on the News section of the homepage.

Update Officially

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Navigate to System Settings.
  3. Navigate down to System.
  4. Click System Update

This will update you to the latest firmware available.

Update or Downgrade Unofficially / Offline

There are many reasons why you would want to not update officially, or downgrade such as:

  • No internet connection.
  • Console firmware is higher than what is supported by ReiNX.
  • Nintendo Switch console is banned from Nintendo servers.
  • Prefer to keep fuses intact when upgrading.
  • Newest firmware version isn't compatible and you wish to install an older version.
  • You just want to install the exFAT update.

In order to update / downgrade unofficially, please refer to the official ChoiDojourNX GBAtemp thread.

Enabling AutoRCM

AutoRCM means your switch will automatically go into RCM whenever it starts up, this means you can easily inject your payload and it will never burn any fuses

When it comes to enabling AutoRCM you have 2 options:

  • Updating your firmware using ChoiDuJourNX, this will enable AutoRCM for you to avoid your switch from burning any fuses.
    • If you aren't on the latest firmware supported by ReiNX, you can use this method.
  • Enabling AutoRCM through hekate.
    • This is the recommended method if you are already on the latest firmware.
  1. Download the latest release of hekate and unzip all the files to the root of your sd card also make a copy of hekate_ctcaer_[version].bin on your computer
  2. Copy ReiNX.bin from the root of your sd card into the /bootloader/payloads/ folder.
  3. Put your sd card back in your switch and follow Step 2 - Download and Install but instead of injecting ReiNX.bin, inject hekate_ctcaer_[version].bin you saved earlier
  4. You should now see the hekate screen. Press Tools at the top of the screen, then press on Arch bit - RCM - Touch - Partitions above the battery indicator on the bottom of the screen
  5. Press on AutoRCM, it should now be enabled.
  6. To restart your switch, press Home on the top of the screen, press Payloads and press ReiNX.bin

Recommended Homebrew

Recommended Homebrew Applications

Place homebrew applications in the /switch/ directory.

  • The Switch homebrew scene has quite a lot to offer, here are some of our favorites.
    • Homebrew App Store - An online app store for finding / downloading new homebrew apps. This is best as a discovery option.
    • Checkpoint - An open source save manager for your Switch.
    • JKSV - Another open source save manager, which supports Device saves and BCAT saves (needed for animal crossing).
    • EdiZon - A basic save manager, but also a save editor for select Switch games.
    • NX Themes Installer - Allows for easy theming of the Switch such as the lock screen or home menu.
    • RetroArch - A popular all-in-one emulator front-end for your Nintendo Switch.
      • It is heavily recommended to use an NSP Forwarder to grant RetroArch full RAM Access.
    • sys-clk - This utility allows the user to overclock (or underclock) their Nintendo Switch.
    • ChoiDojourNX - Best way to update your Switch firmware offline without burning fuses.
    • NX Activity Log - See how much you've played certain games in detailed breakdowns of per week, month or overall.

Recommended Sysmodules

When installing sysmodules please keep in mind most of them come inside a /atmosphere/ folder by default, just copy the contents folder from this to the /ReiNX/ folder on the root of your sd card.

Place sysmodules in the /ReiNX/contents/ folder.

  • Please keep in mind that optional sysmodules may introduce instability, crashing, or failure to boot. If your Switch fails to boot, remove the sysmodule causing the issue
    • sys-ftpd-light - constantly runs an FTP server on your Switch in the background. Useful for sending screenshots/files to your PC from your Switch.
    • ldn_mitm - Be able to play LAN multiplayer online. Follow the guide here to set it up.
    • Tesla Menu and nx-ovlloader - Overlay menu to load cheats from in-game, change sys-clk settngs etc. Follow the guide here to set it up.'
    • emuiibo - Emulate the use of amiibo without needing any actual amiibo, this also has a tesla overlay to easily select what amiibo you would like to emulate.

Recommended Tesla Overlays

For use with Tesla Menu and nx-ovlloader mentioned earlier

Place tesla overlays in the /switch/.overlays/ folder

  • ovl-sysmodules (reinx fork) - Toggle sysmodules and sysmodule auto booting from a tesla menu.
  • ShareNX-Overlay - Upload screenshots directly from your switch.
  • EdiZon Overlay - Toggle cheats and display system stats from in-game, grab ovlEdiZon.ovl from the releases.
  • Status-Monitor - Monitor system status from ingame, NX-FPS is required if you want to monitor the framerate of your games.
  • sys-tune - Background audio player.


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