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Current Release

Release v2.4

Jun 22, 2019


  • Latest Supported - 8.1.0
  • Recommended - 7.0.1 ~ 8.1.0


  • Added full support for Switch Firmware 8.1.0
  • Updated DMNT cheat service for use with EdiZon.
  • Updated sysmodules: sm, pm, loader, rnx_mitm
  • Homebrew menu access is done simply holding 'R' over any application and opening it.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


ReiNX 2.4 has been released!

4 months 1 week ago

This update primarily adds support for OFW 8.1.0, along with other misc updates and quality of life features.

ReiNX v2.3 and WIP DeltaLaunch have been released!

5 months ago

ReiNX v2.3 has been released and it primarily adds the DMNT cheat service for use with EdiZon. An alpha build of the homescreen reimplementation DeltaLaunch has also been released as well! 

ReiNX v2.2.1 has been released with some 8.0.x fixes!

6 months ago

ReiNX v2.2.1 has been released and it contains some fixes for users using firmware 8.0.x. It is still recommended to be running firmware 7.0.1, however.

ReiNX v2.2 has released with 8.0.0 support!

6 months 1 week ago

ReiNX release v2.2 has been released with support for firmwares 8.0.0 and 8.0.1, along with a handful other quality of life features and improvements.

Do not update to 8.0.0!!

6 months 2 weeks ago

No CFW is yet compatible with firmware 8.0.0, and may not be for a bit. If you update, you will be forced to revert to a previous NAND backup if you wish to use CFW on your Switch.